General Information about Cycling in the States

It’s no surprise that the United States boasts of some of the most capable cyclists and cycling teams in the entire world. Professional cycling is incredibly popular in the States, much more than general cycling. The general population might not cycle a lot themselves, but they are surely interested in the international and national cycling events held in the country.

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Professional cycling in the States happens in many forms. There is road cycling, cross-country, mountain, track, BMX, para-cycling and cyclo-cross. The USA Cycling organises over a dozen competitions every year for professionals in all the categories mentioned above. The company also helps these cyclists prepare for other international cycling events such as the Tour de France, the Giro de Italia, or the Olympics.

There are a lot of private teams in the United States. There are tonnes of cycling teams based by the states they were formed in, but the most popular team is probably the USPS Pro Cycling Team, which was popular for being the team that Lance Armstrong rode for. These are the teams that participate in international cycling events.

The United States plays host to some of the world’s toughest endurance cycling races as well, including the Race Across America (RAAM) and the Race Across the West (RAW). Professional cycling is taken quite seriously in the United States, as a sport – it’s rather popular among college teams as well. The country has given the world a lot of skilled cyclists over the years and continues to discover new talents, thanks to the dozens of races being held every year.